Documentary Cinema, 2007, 85 min, 35mm, Germany


written and directed by: Alexandra Westmeier

director of photography: Inigo Westmeier

editor: Alexandra Westmeier

assistant camera (summer): Holger Fleig

assistant camera (winter): Roman Lipah

sound: Evgeny Mursikov

sound design: Titus Maderlechner

english translation: Alice Jondorf

unit production manager: Natalia Salomatova

production manager: Ulrich Adomat

associate producer: Artur Salomatov

produced by: Inigo Westmeier and Alexandra Westmeier

commissioning editor: Katja Wildermuth (MDR) and Jutta Krug (WDR)


A Linger On Film production by order of MDR and WDR in cooperation with ARTE.

Supported by the Hessen Film Fund.



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